Academic Bridge – toolkit

Czech version (česká verze)

Manual for Students and Early-Career Researchers on How to Contact Municipalities Based on the Academic Bridge Matchmaking Map

Instructions on how a researcher can find the email addresses of municipalities on their websites, create a survey, and send it to mayors

10 Commandments of Communication between Researchers and Municipal Mayors

Academic Bridge: Researcher Information Form

The Academic Bridge’s Matchmaking Map is an innovative tool designed to link municipalities across the European Union with academic institutions and experts. By showcasing municipalities and their specific areas of interest, from environmental sustainability to urban planning and social development, the map serves as a digital meeting ground. Municipalities interested in harnessing academic knowledge and expertise for local development are encouraged to submit their applications, including key collaboration interests and contact details. The platform offers a unique opportunity for municipalities to enhance their visibility, engage in collaborative problem-solving, and build capacity through academic insights. Having successfully established its roots with Czech municipalities, Academic Bridge is now broadening its scope to include other countries within the European Union.

Matchmaking map

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We warmly invite municipalities to participate in our digital platform (Academic Bridge), a comprehensive tool designed to foster collaboration between local governments and the academic community. While our initial focus was on Czech municipalities, we are now enthusiastic about extending this opportunity to municipalities around the European Union.

Purpose of the Platform

This platform is more than just a map; it’s a multifaceted digital environment that facilitates:

  • Academic-Municipal Partnerships: Connects municipalities with researchers and students across diverse fields to address local challenges through innovative solutions.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Consultation: Offers a medium for municipalities to seek academic expertise, gain data-driven insights, and receive evidence-based recommendations for decision-making.
  • Visibility and Collaboration: Increases the visibility of municipal challenges within the academic sphere, fostering collaborative problem-solving and innovation.
  • Capacity Building: Enhances the skills and knowledge of municipal employees through exposure to academic research and methodologies.

Why Your Participation Matters

  • Expert Solutions: Gain access to academic knowledge and innovative solutions for local issues.
  • Visibility and Networking: Amplify your municipality’s challenges and initiatives within a wider academic audience.
  • Streamlined Knowledge Transfer: Benefit from a seamless exchange of ideas and expertise between governance and academic sectors.
  • Innovative Approaches: Collaborate with researchers for fresh perspectives on urban challenges.
  • Professional Development: Enhance your team’s capabilities through interaction with academic experts.

What You Need to Provide

To be featured on the platform, your municipality should provide:

Your municipality’s official name for identification.
Your municipality’s official contact email for further communication.
Key areas where you seek academic collaboration or insight, you can choose all interests or specific interests:
A concise description of your municipality, including unique challenges and areas of interest for academic collaboration, in the official language of your country or English.