Academic Bridge: Researcher Information Form

We are excited to invite you to join our Academic Bridge platform, a digital hub designed to foster collaboration between researchers like you and municipalities across the European Union. This platform offers a unique opportunity for you to engage in impactful, locally-relevant research and contribute to solving real-world challenges faced by communities.

Benefits of Joining Academic Bridge

  • Real-World Impact: Directly apply your research findings to real-world scenarios, validating your theories and models.
  • Meaningful Collaborations: Engage in locally-relevant research opportunities in partnership with municipalities.
  • Access to Data: Gain access to valuable real-world data sets from municipalities, enriching the quality and relevance of your research.
  • Showcase Your Expertise: Highlight your research skills and expertise to a wide audience of municipalities and fellow researchers.
  • Publication Opportunities: Successful collaborations with municipalities can lead to compelling case studies or research papers.
  • Enhanced Funding Prospects: Demonstrate the practical applications and societal relevance of your research, strengthening your grant proposals and funding applications.

How It Works

  1. Register: Fill out the registration form below to create your researcher profile on the Academic Bridge platform.
  2. Profile Visibility: Your submitted information will be available on the platform’s new website, set to launch in May. This will allow municipalities and other researchers to discover your expertise and research interests.
  3. Account Activation: Once the new website is launched, you will receive an email with your account details. You can log in to your account to update, change, or delete your research interests and profile information at any time.
  4. Explore Opportunities: Browse the Matchmaking Map to discover municipalities and their specific areas of interest aligned with your research expertise. You can also proactively add your interest in specific municipalities, fostering a two-way exchange of collaboration opportunities.
  5. Connect and Collaborate: Reach out to municipalities through the platform to discuss potential research collaborations and partnerships. Municipalities can also search for researchers based on their needs and interests, creating a dynamic, interactive environment for knowledge exchange.
  6. Conduct Impactful Research: Engage in collaborative research projects with municipalities, applying your expertise to address real-world challenges.
  7. Share Your Findings: Disseminate your research findings through the platform, contributing to evidence-based decision-making and policy development in municipalities.
Your municipality’s official contact email for further communication.
Please provide a brief description of your research interests, areas of expertise, and any specific municipalities or regions you are interested in collaborating with.