May 2023: BETTER Life Holds Second Workshop on Design Standards for Socially Engaged Research in Life Sciences

In May 17, the BETTER Life project, a consortium of research institutions dedicated to promoting socially engaged research (SER) in life sciences (LS), conducted its second online workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to further discuss the development of design standards for socially engaged research in the field.

This workshop served as a continuation of two previous workshops that focused on the Framework of SER. These earlier workshops aimed to establish the fundamental principles, values, and practices of socially engaged research. The development of design standards for SER in life sciences builds upon the foundation laid by the Framework and reflects the ongoing commitment of the BETTER Life consortium to advance socially responsible research that is both relevant and beneficial to society.

The necessity for standards in SER in LS arises from the growing recognition of the importance of engaging with society throughout the research process. Socially engaged research acknowledges that scientific knowledge is not generated in isolation but rather shaped by societal needs, values, and expectations. Thus, SER seeks to integrate the perspectives and knowledge of quadruple helix stakeholders – representing academia, industry, government, and civil society – in the research process.