Toolkit Series: N.6 – Design Thinking for the co-design of public open spaces

Embark on a transformative journey with our Design Thinking toolkit, your ultimate guide to co-designing vibrant public open spaces. Rooted in human-centered principles, this practical toolkit empowers users to harness the power of Design Thinking and deliver integrated solutions that truly reflect the needs and aspirations of local communities.

🔍 Holistic Approach: Dive into a comprehensive methodology that emphasises empathy, ideation, and iteration. From deciphering community insights to evaluating real-world impact, our toolkit guides you through five dynamic phases of co-design.

🌟 Best Practices Showcase: Explore three outstanding public space projects that embody the essence of Design Thinking. Witness firsthand how understanding user needs, prototyping solutions, and refining them through iterative feedback leads to successful and vibrant spaces.

📝 Actionable Tools: Access a wealth of supporting materials and templates to streamline your co-design process. From empathy maps to stakeholder maps, our toolkit equips you with everything you need to facilitate and optimise co-design processes effectively.

🌍 Target Audience: Whether you’re a doctoral candidate, urban planner, architect, or community activist, our toolkit caters to a diverse range of stakeholders dedicated to enhancing the quality of urban livability within their communities.

🚀 Benefits: By embracing versatile problem-solving methods and acquiring holistic skills, users can drive innovation, adapt to different challenges, and positively transform the urban environment. Together, we recognise that research and planning are collective processes requiring collaboration and community engagement.

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