Toolkit Series: N.3 – Promote your Research Communication

Crafted as a user-friendly guide, this toolkit is your go-to resource for elevating the visibility and impact of your research findings, particularly within the Quadruple Helix framework.

📘 Comprehensive Guidance: Explore six meticulously curated chapters, providing step-by-step instructions for researchers in the life sciences domain. From pre-publication tasks to monitoring research impact, we’ve got you covered!

📱 Strategic Promotion: Unravel the secrets of effective promotion through both academic and public communication channels. Learn how to craft engaging posts, harness the power of visuals, and leverage keywords for maximum visibility.

🔍 Impact Monitoring: Gain insights into monitoring the impact of your research, identifying stakeholders, and maximizing public engagement. Stay informed and accountable every step of the way.

Join us in bridging the gap between research and society. Let the Promote Your Research Communication Toolkit be your guide to unlocking greater relevance, accountability, and transparency in your research outcomes.

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