March 2023: BETTER Life Project Hosts Workshops on Socially Engaged Research in Life Sciences

The BETTER Life project organized two online workshops focusing on social engaged research in life sciences and the co-creation of the strategy for the EU BETTER Life Centre in March 2023. The workshops aimed to design a framework for social engaged research in the field of life sciences and to identify key strategies and approaches for co-creating the BETTER Life Centre strategy.

The first workshop focused on co-creation of the BETTER Life Centre strategy, emphasizing the importance of working with stakeholders to develop a shared vision and strategy for the BETTER Life Centre. The session highlighted the need for co-creating the strategy, which includes defining the purpose, identifying the stakeholders, and outlining the action plan.

The second event delved into designing frameworks for social engaged research in life sciences, emphasizing the importance of involving various stakeholders in the research process. The session highlighted the need for collaborative and participatory research.

Through these workshops and other activities, the project aims to support the development of more sustainable and equitable solutions for improving the quality of life for all. The BETTERLife project team hopes that the knowledge and insights gained from the events will be used to develop more effective and inclusive strategies for social engaged research in the life sciences.