June’s Board of Directors Meeting of the Faculty of Environmental Protection at Educons University

The Faculty of Environmental Protection at Educons University recently convened its Board of Directors at the educational center in Vrdnik. In collaboration with prominent companies specializing in environmental protection and sustainable development, Educons University is dedicated to projects that facilitate the transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills, fostering the creation of long-term partnerships and employment opportunities. These initiatives aim to inspire innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity in addressing business and academic challenges, leveraging novel teaching, learning, and student practices.

The close cooperation between Educons University and these companies plays a vital role in jointly developing practically oriented teaching programs that cater to the needs of students, the labor market, and society as a whole. Consequently, students gain relevant and practical skills while embracing new ways of thinking that are indispensable in the job market.

During the meeting, Dr. Andrea Andrejević Panić and Dr. Gordana Racić presented the BETTER Life project, which received significant interest from colleagues in the company. The attendees expressed support for the project’s objectives and advocated for further actions to be undertaken to advance sustainable environmental research in the field of life sciences.

Date: 08.06.2023.

Place: Educational center Vrdnik, Serbia.

Event: Board of Directors of the Faculty of Environmental Protection