BETTER Life Project Contributes Groundbreaking Research on Bioeconomy Engagement in Southeast Asia

The members of the BETTER Life project have recently published an article titled “Bioeconomy in Countries of the Mekong Region: Stakeholder Understanding and Perceptions in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.” This groundbreaking research delves into the societal engagement aspects surrounding the bioeconomy concept in Southeast Asian countries. Through a comprehensive analysis comprising qualitative document examination and a questionnaire distributed to various stakeholders, the study sheds light on the perceptions, challenges, and potential pathways for bioeconomy development in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

In connecting this research with the objectives of the BETTER Life project, which focuses on socially engaged research in life sciences, there is a clear alignment in their shared emphasis on societal involvement and collaboration. The findings from the Mekong region underscore the critical importance of engaging stakeholders across sectors and fostering greater awareness and understanding of the bioeconomy. These insights resonate deeply with the core ethos of the BETTER Life project, which endeavours to integrate diverse perspectives and facilitate collaboration among research institutions, policymakers, industry stakeholders, and communities to effect positive societal change.

Read the full article here: Bioeconomy in countries of the Mekong region: Stakeholder understanding and perceptions in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos – ScienceDirect