BETTER Life co-organizes ENGAGE Summer School in Tartu

The Estonian University of Life Sciences, in collaboration with the BETTER Life project and other initiatives, is organizing the ENGAGE! summer school in Tartu from August 7th to August 18th, 2023. This dynamic program will feature interactive sessions, field trips, and group work, focusing on urban green and blue infrastructure management and planning. The summer school aims to promote socially engaging science for resilient and liveable urban environments.

The school will begin with a two-day scoping phase, offering insights into urban sustainability challenges worldwide. Participants will then engage in research training workshops, covering various skills such as data collection techniques, GIS, and science-policy-society communication.

During the project phase, participants will work in groups to develop practical solutions for real-life urban problems or detailed paper proposals. The school faculty and tutors will provide guidance, and stakeholder communication will be a key component.

The summer school will conclude with project presentations, discussions, and graduation. Successful participants will receive an ENGAGE! Certificate of Completion and 3 ECTS credits. Additionally, there will be opportunities to transform final reports into academic papers or project applications.

Limited to 30 students or young experts, the ENGAGE! summer school offers an enriching learning experience while fostering a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere. Visit the official ENGAGE! summer school website for more information:

The ENGAGE! summer school in Tartu is proudly supported by the BETTER Life project. While the summer school benefits from BETTER Life’s support, it also serves as a valuable platform for the project to test its developed standards and shape future toolkits. This collaboration ensures a mutually beneficial relationship, driving innovation and progress in socially engaged research in life sciences.